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Construction and Maintenance

Windsor have decent experience in the construction industry within  residential, commercial, retail fit-out and interiors. Our skilled team has the knowledge and the experience to ensure we deliver what we promise: an on-time and on-budget delivery with high quality finishes.

With systems and procedures in place, we have the ability to identify and mitigate the challenges of constricted deadlines and tight budget to consistently deliver exceptional results for our clients.

We built our reputation in the construction industry and it’s still an area where we excel. Our intention is always to work with our clients to mirror their thoughts into reality. We offer flexible solutions that can be tailored to suit your expectations.

Our specialized services range from concrete specialties, floor coatings, waterproofing, residential & commercial buildings, warehouses construction, fit-out works and general buildings maintenance.

We offer reliable repair and insulation solutions with timely execution of the project increasing longevity of the buildings.


Windsor invested time and experience in the Waterproofing sector and have a thorough understanding of the relevant standards, applications and technologies that enable us to lead in this domain.

Our experienced team are capable to identify the problems before they arise and proud to work with the project team to eliminate problems and avoid any leaks. We have a specialized team who works with the most sophisticated waterproofing systems for constructions, renovations and remedials.

Our goal is to raise the bar and set the standard in this field. We are striving to assist in providing sustainable construction solutions based in and around best building practices that will attain long term results, effectiveness and proven cost benefits, which will contribute to reducing environmental impact, with the aim of promoting sustainability in the commercial and residential construction industry.

Our focus is always delivering the most innovative, durable and sustainable solutions. We make use of premium quality materials to waterproof your building. All waterproofing works are guaranteed for an agreed number of years.

Consistent Services

Windsor have a dedicated professional team with collective construction experience more than 40 years and have verified its prompt and long-lasting services in waterproofing, building roof insulation work and construction as overall. We provide waterproofing with Bitumen, PVC, EPDM liners for roofs, foundations, planter boxes, and other water features. We listen, think and then work is our recipe to success and deliver fruitful projects.

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